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Back feeding the rural area, building the model of modern new rural area

Sanmu Group was started up in Dushan Village. They depend on each other like lips and teeth, promoting each other for development. Dushan Village is proud of Sanmu Group, and Sanmu always call Dushan Village it home. The successive leaders of Dushan Village with their heroical courage led Dushan Village people to develop economy in the spirit of perseverance, hard exploration and self-dependence and determined to shake off poverty; Sanmu Group is the platform and reliance for Dushan Village to overcome poverty and achieve prosperity. So to speak, the development history with hardship of Sanmu Group is the history of Dushan Village people struggling to overcome poverty and achieve prosperity.
In the late 1990s, Sanmu Group took all they had to build the Sanmu chemical industry park focusing on power plant and sewage treatment plant. In the wake of construction of the first and second industrial districts and Sanmu middle, north, west and east road, “three-vertical and three-horizontal road skeleton structure in the district and rectangular industry district are formed and the park constructed is starting to take shape. With commissioning of basic chemical project in new district, the product market share is greatly increased and thus the resin product of Sanmu Group has found a firm rooting in fiercely competitive market. The total assets of company have leaped to RMB 1.8 billion in 2005 from RMB 0.3 billion in 2002, entering a new rising stage. The per capita income of Dushan Village people amounted to RMB 10,368 in 2005, 50 times doubled than that in initial stage of establishment. Dushan Village people enjoy the optimal welfare in the entire city.
Especially in recent seven and eight years, with the gradual development and expansion of Guanlin chemical concentration area relying on Sanmu Group, the park enterprises led by Sanmu Group further strengthen the construction of infrastructures and back feeding to village people. Totally 2151 sets of multi-level economically affordable housings have been successively built up, including villas in First Dushan Village and Second Dushan Village and Building 1-15 in Third Dushan Village, Fifth Dushan Village, Sixth Dushan Village and Duxin Street, covering an area of 450,000 square meters accumulatively; Besides, natural gas, broadcasting & TV, communication, sewage discharge, tap water and other auxiliary facilities projects have been fully covered in Zhongxin Village; In recent years, over RMB 80 million have been invested for the construction of village-level and park roads (among which, over RMB 55 million were input in 2011, with black-oriented transformation being implemented for main road network); the Dushan Primary School and the kindergarten respectively with over RMB 30 million and more than 6 million of investment was completely built up and put into operation in 2009 and 2012 respectively, the latter of which is the exclusive and only unit free of conservation fees in Wuxi; In 2013, more than RMB 12 million was invested to newly build the agricultural and sideline products trading market for outsiders at the west side of Dushan New Village, which has been put into operation already; Meanwhile, for the purpose of accelerating the establishment of ecological construction in Dushan Village, successively RMB 80 million have been invested, for overall planning and building of modernized agriculture and Dushandang Scenic Zone, which is an integrated ecological agricultural park of tourism, sightseeing, leisure, picking and catering; in addition, rural public transport, community health stations, libraries and other facilities could also normally operate at present, with the welfares and subsidies enjoyed by villagers wining universal praise.