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Sanmu Industrial Park—Shandong Wudi

2015-10-14 Read:4926

Shandong Sanyue Group Corporation (with subsidiaries of Shandong Sanyue Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Sanmu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Wudi Sanmu Building Material Co., Ltd., Wudi Sanyue Yuntong Logistics Co., Ltd. and Shandong Lubei Lingxia Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd.) is a large chemical enterprise registered and invested by Jiangsu Sanmu Group in Shandong Province. Shandong Sanyue Group Corporation is close to the Bohai Sea, on the north of national project-Huanghua Port, on the south of historic and cultural mountain-Jieshi Mountain and is located in Lubei High-tech Development Zone. During “the Twelfth Five Year Plan” period, we will invest more than 15 billion Yuan on the large chemical projects of 45,000t/a PM, 50,000t/a PMA, 50,000t/a synthetic resin, 320,000t/a epoxy chloropropane, 100,000t/a chloride solvent, 40,000t/a TBBP-A and 600,000t/a caustic soda, independent heat supply center and sewage treatment plant.

The Company now employs nearly 1,000 staff. Epoxy chloropropane, synthetic resin, PMA and other projects have reached the design capacity. Annual sales are more than 3 billion Yuan. The Company is committed to the corporate spirits of “pragmatism, efficiency, prudence and innovation” and regards staff as the treasure of the Company on the basis of human resource management idea of “great cause impels people, favorable payment attracts people, outstanding culture gathers people and creative conditions make people”. We are hereby inviting people suitable for relevant positions to join us, seek for the development and create glories.