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Sanmu Industrial Park—Headquarter in Yixing

2015-10-14 Read:4735

As the country promotes the chemical industrial clusters constantly in these years, industrial park becomes a trend of future development. Yixing Sanmu Green Coating Industrial Park is established with approval of Environment Protection Department of Jiangsu Province and Yixing People’s Government. It is the park with the Guanlin Chemical Industry Concentration Area. The occupied area is 1500Mu and industrial orientation is green coating. The park is located in headquarter of Jiangsu Sanmu Group Corporation Limited—Guanlin Town, Yixing City, which is 15km away from Yixing City, 40km away from Wuxi City, 150km away from Nanjing, 170km away from Shanghai and 160km away from Hangzhou. The park is in the Yangtze River Delta where the economy is the most vibrant in China and regional advantage is obvious. The park is only one hour drive away from Nanjing Lukou Airport and less then 2 hours drive away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. It is adjacent to Wuxi Airport and Changzhou Airport and is straightway to Shanghai-Nanjing Express, Nanjing-Hangzhou Express, Yangtze River Express and Wuxi-Yixing Express and is 60km and 350km away from Jiangyin Port and Nantong Port respectively. Transportation is smooth and convenient, which is beneficial for Yixin Sanmu Green Coating Industrial Park to blend into Shanghai 2-hour Economic Circle.

“Nine Connections and One Leveling” in the park are fully implemented. Infrastructures are complete, intensive land utilization level is high and efficiency of resource allocation is high. It has thermal power plant with total installed capacity of 60,000kW, sewage treatment with daily disposal of 20,000t, industrial water plant with capacity of 50,000t, hazardous chemical and solid waste disposal center, other comprehensive supporting facilities and firefighting squadron. Roads, power supply, water supply gas supply, network communication, greening, lighting and beautification engineering are under construction. Meanwhile, Jiangsu Synthetic Resin Engineering Technology Research Center, Post-Doctoral Scientific Research Station, Academician Station of Jiangsu Sanmu Group and Coating Application Technology Research Institute of Jiangsu Sanmu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. can provide powerful technical cooperation and support for enterprises in the park.

Yixing Green Coating Industrial Park is a green industrial park oriented on coating industry and other relevant industries. It will use cluster effect to integrate industrial economic chain. Once the park is completed, it will be the high-tech coating industrial park second to none and important coating research, development and production base at home.

Jiangsu Sanmu Group will always be committed to the strategic plan of developing towards resin and upstream industry and will not develop coating production resolutely. To build “the first coating industrial park in China” with characteristics, the Group will introduce large amount of coating production enterprises and makes efforts to forge Yixing Sanmu Green Coating Industry into “Industry-concentrated demonstration area, environmentally friendly model area and innovative and pioneering area”.

Jiangsu Sanmu Group will formulate preferential policies for the enterprises settled in the park and will assist settled enterprises in approval formalities for project establishment. Meanwhile, the Group will reduce investment for the settled enterprises and improve the land utilization rate for the settled enterprises. Jiangsu Sanmu Group will provide uniform, high-quality and comfortable working environment for the enterprises.

We welcome global 500 enterprises and enterprises around Yixing to settle in Yixing Green Coating Industrial Park and Sanmu will forge new hope and establish plentiful achievements together with you.