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Staff Presence

Special report of pioneering pacesetter of Group Company from 2013 to 2014-Ji Lianghua

2015-08-07 Read:3931

Ji Lianghua, 32 years old, bachelor degree, majors in chemical macromolecule synthesis of materials. He was employed by the factory in 2007 and is the factory manager in the branch of special types of photocuring monomers. Working meticulously and living in a kind manner, Comrade Ji Lianghua transforms from a technical to the production manager successfully in his work, making significant contributions to the development of special types of monomers in the Company.

I. Adherence to combination of theory with practice and continuous improvement of working capability of business.

When he served as a technical in one photocuring branch factory, Comrade Ji Lianghua finished the development and small test of low-cost monomer TPGDA-D which is used to dispose of dull polyether rectification backing materials, coordinated with the monomer project group to operate the middle test of HDDA, NPGDA, TPGDA-D plate number of new products in person, and participated in the technical instruction of mass production of related products, while he was engaged in daily production technologies in the shop. In August 2010, he was transferred to the production line, serving as the deputy factory manager of No.3 photocuring branch factory, during which he took the charge of site coordination, material management of raw materials and finished products, and staff’s operational process training work successively in 20 thousand tons/year and 30 thousand tons/year photocuring monomer projects.

In February 2012, he served as the factory manager of the branch of special types of photocuring monomers. Since then, he started to take up phase II technical reform of photocuring monomers. Supported by the Park and Photocuring Business Division, he has overcome the difficulty of insufficient personnel, taking personal charge of the shift to carry out the three-shift system, successfully completing the pilot production work after the technical reform and guaranteeing the production supply of PETA. Ji Lianghua took advantages of the opportunity of tracking the production situations and leading the groups to train staff comprehensively in process and hands-on site operation, making the staff’s operation skills improve a lot and thus making most people become important backbone force in the later production.

In the first half year of 2014, two new sets of production lines were newly established for special types of monomers. He used his own specialized theoretical knowledge and actual production experience accumulated for several years to come up with constructive suggestions on planning and design of the new factory, technological process, and layout of equipment. In the earlier stage of trial production, he led staff in person to become familiar with new equipment and operation process, while pasting and confirming site pipeline running and equipment marks to make sure every is all right, which, hence, laid solid foundation for one-time production success.

II. Impressive achievements in respect of safety emphasis

As the factory manager of chemical industry production branch factory, he always adheres to the production guideline “safety first and prevention focus”, deeply feeling the meaning that “safety responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai”. Tightening the chord of safety at any time, he made good achievements in safety work from 2013 to 2014, and ensured that no various occupational injury accidents occurred. In daily work, by use of the opportunities of safety meetings, safety training and safety activities, he organized staff to study such knowledge as equipment safety operation skills and process safety operation procedures. For the “four no missing” principle for handling accidents, he warned staff to be clear of safety responsibilities in each post and danger factors during operation of each post. It was required to study the essence of the safe production documents carefully issued by the Company and follow the safe operation procedures for equipment and process strictly. Accident cases shall be analyzed often directed at the actual production conditions to learn lessons so as to draw inferences about other cases from one instance. Precautionary measures and circuit inspection rules shall be implemented actively targeted at the potential danger risks to prevent various accidents from occurring.

III. Bravery to overcome difficulties and adherence to the quality management idea that “quality is life”

As a production manager mastering technologies, he deeply knows that product quality is closely linked to the enterprise’s survival and development and that quality management directly affects the competitive advantage and market share of an enterprise’s products and services. So since the middle November, 2003, he has been focused more on the internal quality and batch stability issues of PETA. As is known, PETA is an important raw material to synthesize six degrees of functionality polyurethane acrylate, and there is huge demand for it in the market. The internal technical index requirement of the product is high, which has an extremely high requirement for control of raw materials and production process. Quality produced by domestic manufacturers is not uniform and the products are mainly used as reactive diluents to photocure coatings. However, PETA used for synthesis is basically monopolized by a Japanese enterprise, East Asia DIC, with very high selling price. Given that there is no price advantage in the produced urethane acrylate purchased, that the market cannot be opened and that the output also does not increase, there is an urgent need for self-made low-cost PETA to satisfy internally arranged production and marketing. Previously self-made PETA can satisfy the internally arranged requirement basically, but there are still such issues existing among the batches as big reactivity difference, deep color, instable production and sales. If these issues are not solved and only internally arranged use is satisfied, the product may not withstand the test from the market and certain production scale may not form. As a technical production manager, Comrade Ji Lianghua finds out that differences in raw and auxiliary materials, differences in process of feeding operation by each team or group and slight differences in control of reaction process will have some influences on indexes of finished products by tracking, managing and controlling the whole production process from raw materials, feeding, operation and packing of finished products and based on the comparative analysis of testing and assaying data. Then he wipes out the above influences through site training and standard operation to make color of products become stable, with a significant reduction of product consumables. Under the vigorous promotion by the Company, there is evident increase in the amount of domestic sales and export. By the end of 2014, a good situation occurs that demand exceeds supply.

A technical production management talent is an intelligent operation talent. His advantage is having some academic (disciplinary) capabilities and basic subject curriculum knowledge and being able to convert his own theoretical knowledge into the actual production application. While armed with wide scope of knowledge, he is able to use extensive knowledge comprehensively to solve actual problems in the actual production, organize staff well, and maintain interpersonal relationship. Only a person like this can adapt to the enterprise’s future development. And Comrade Ji Lianghua is just the technical versatile production management talent. He interprets the model of the perfect combination of technical talent and management talent through his own growing experience.