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Pioneering pacesetter from 2013 to 2014-Ma Jianjun

2015-10-20 Read:2183

RMB228,970,000 yuan of annual product sales volume and RMB11,850,000 yuan of circulating sales volume in 2012; RMB23,1840,000 yuan of annual product sales volume and RMB17,340,000 yuan of circulating sales volume in 2013; RMB254,040,000 yuan of annual product sales volume and RMB23,320,000 yuan of circulating sales volume in 2014. This series of glowing figures are the achievements created by Tianjin Marketing Branch of the Group. The excellent team is led by Ma Jianjun, pioneering pacesetter of the group from 2013 to 2014.
Comrade Ma Jianjun became a salesman in 2000 when he was employed by Sanmu Group after being transferred to civilian work from the troop. You may not do what you love well and you may not like what you do. Your first choice should be what you can do well. Only the work that is well done can be recognized by people. After you are recognized, your will become more confident and improve yourself with more efforts. Isn’t this virtuous circle what more people want? Absolute customized work is unrealistic. Although young and inexperienced, he was confident in himself and brave to come to Baoding to “see the world”. This also opened the first page of his marvelous chapter of the company’s marketing line.

As to speak, marketing work can be the most challenging occupation with the most pressure. Ma Jianjun deeply felt that he could be a qualified salesman only when the ideas, thoughts, tools and methods of work were more professional. He comprehended in the practice that marketing work cannot only depended on the feeling and pushfulness but also lied in characteristics of product data, professional investigation and analysis and mastery of the market law. He deeply felt his lack in this aspect, so Ma Jianjun gave extraordinary application to this aspect. When others have a rest, he studied instructions of various products; when others entertained themselves after work, he went to the Technical Support Consultant asking various types of knowledge about resin. He never hesitated to ask if there was any problem, being surely and diligent. He finally became an excellent backbone salesman through his efforts.

Whenever you see Ma Jianjun, he enters the working state full of spirit and energy. He especially pays attention to his own appearance. Because he deeply knows that personal image is the first stepping stone to marketing success, the reflection of one’s culture and even the specific reflection of the Company image and product image, he won’t ignore it. When clients see the Company image from his words and behaviors, they will feel especially relived about Sanmu chemical industry. He not only treats the clients like this, but is modest and gentle to his colleagues, gaining good popularity and rallying point for himself.

From a salesman to the Deputy General Manager of Sanmu Group Great North Marketing Company and General Manager of Tianjin Marketing Company, Ma Jianjun deeply knows that in addition to his efforts, his success is owed to the cultivation and construction of the team. So he always shares his experience with the inferiors tirelessly, teaching them how to talk with clients and how to determine the potential customers from those clients with different demands for effective promotion. On the basis of his own marketing practices, he also teaches them how to determine clients’ real needs and intentions from lots of vague information they convey, telling them to predicate the clients’ behavioral reactions, make timely judgments, adapt to the clients’ habits, cater to their pleasure and solve their problems. Whoever in the team develops a new client, he is always the one to be the happiest. It is under the leadership of such a senior and big brother that performances of Tianjin Marketing Company makes breakthroughs one after another year after year, which bringing in continuous benefits to the company.

Faced with the increasingly competitive market, the excellent enterprise relies on excellent service, and excellent service relies on excellent staff. As a saying goes, “Iron must be hard itself if it is used to be forged”. It is such excellent staff and leaders who make Sanmu Group develop in a faster, healthier and more forceful manner!