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Staff Presence

2015 Annual Meeting of Sanmu Group

2015-6-12 Read:2524

On February 15, 2015, the annual meeting dinner of 2014 was held grandly by the Group Corporation in the banquet hall of administration building 1 in the headquarters. Liu Honglin, Chairman of the Group Corporation, attended the banquet carrying senior leaders of various groups, parks, business units, affiliated enterprises, and representatives of external branches, with a total of more than 600 people, and the whole activity was in a warm atmosphere, lively and extraordinary. All Sanmu personnel actively looked forward to the future, commonly wishing another splendid achievement of Sanmu Group in 2015!

The activity attached the earnest concern of all employees of the Group. In line with the philosophy of “people-oriented, with efforts to create a harmonious family atmosphere”, Chairman Liu Honglin vigorously supported the activity, which aimed at promoting the exchange of all staff in the Company, enhancing the emotions between Sanmu family members, forming strong cohesion, to advance and retreat together on the development road of overcoming all obstacles in the future.

At 17:28 p.m., the party began with the cheerful sound of music, first of all, in the lead of the host, we reviewed our Group’s events of 2014, then, Chairman Liu Honglin gave the New Year’s greeting speech, reviewed the course of hardships in 2014, expounded the concept about all the Company’s employees in a family, and affirmed the efforts made by Sanmu personnel in 2014. Meanwhile, he made new plans for 2015, cleared the struggle objective of 2015, and gave best wishes to 2015. The party officially began after the speech, wonderful programs, exciting games, and delicious dishes constituted the warm scene, participants toasted each other, wishing Sanmu a better tomorrow together, all departments prepared pretty and funny programs, pushing the party to the climax. Well-arranged sweepstakes and games fully mobilized the enthusiasm of personnel in the presence, with active participation in games. They not only obtained generous prizes, and had further communication with other employees, with cheerful laughter constantly in the scene and with happiness knowing no bounds. Until the song Unforgetable Tonight began, people parted until the last moment. The whole party came to a satisfactory end, and we all spoke highly of the annual meeting.

Looking back into the history, we remember the experience of failure and look forward to the future, and we will expand the development territory. In 2015, we will go hand in hand, and strive for the development of the Company continuously!