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Product introduction

Synthetic resin

The synthetic resin is acrylic hydroxy resin with low acid value, which is ideal for use as aluminum paint; after adding amino resin, it can be used as acrylic amino baking finish; after adding polyurethane curing agent, it can be used as acrylic polyurethane coating. The aluminum paint of crylic acid made of synthetic resin is with good appearance of paint film, good comprehensive performance, which can be used for industrial aluminum paint.

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Chemical raw materials

Chemical raw materials are mainly used for paint, printing ink and adhesive and used as diluent for preparing paint and printing ink. The chemical raw materials are an excellent organic solvent with low toxicity and environmental protective performance, which can substitute the benzene hydrocarbon (such as xylene) for preparing benzene-free banana oil, thinner, polyurethane diluent and also can substitute esters solvent to reduce cost because of its low price and high dissolving capacity.

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Paraformaldehyde is the formaldehyde with low polymerization degree, which can be used for producing herbicide, preparing synthetic resin and cross-linking agent and also used in pharmaceutical industry; Meanwhile, it can be used as sanitizer, bactericide and insecticide; paraformaldehyde is featured by stable product quality and fast depolymerization.

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Epoxidized soybean oil is the most widely used PVC non-toxic plasticizer and stabilizer with good thermostability, photostability, water tolerance and oil resistance. With the help of epoxidized soybean oil, its product shall have good mechanical strength, weather resistance and electrical performance without toxicity. Epoxidized soybean oil is the internationally recognized chemical process addtive used for food packaging materials.

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