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Product solution

Application of UV product

UV photocureable coating has such advantages as free of volatile organic compounds (VOC), low environmental pollution, fast curing speed, saving energy, good performance of curing products and applicable to high speed automatic production. Comparatively, traditional coating is easily volatile and fast in curing


Application of anticorrosive paint type resin

Anticorrosive paint is generally divided into conventional anticorrosive paint and heavy anticorrosive paint and is indispensible in paint coating. Conventional anticorrosive paint could prevent metals, etc. from corrosion under normal conditions and extend the service life of nonferrous metals...


Application of coil coating

Coil coating is a kind of environmental protection and appropriate coating technology that could satisfy relevant needs. The base resin for coil coating is mainly polyurethane resin and plastisol, together with little PVDF, epoxy, crylic acid and other resins. Tasks faced by the field of coil coating...


Recommended resin for wood coatings

Domestic water-borne wood paints mainly include internal crossing type, acid curing type and polyurethane aqueous dispersion type at present and compared with solvent based coatings, have unparalleled superiority with respect to environmental protection...