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Industry Architecture

Jiangsu Sanmu Group is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of synthetic resin, solvent, fine chemical material and relevant products for coatings. Focusing on manufacturing of chemical products, the group concurrently engages in circulation and warehousing of chemicals together with copper fabrication and manufacturing & sales of cable wire.

Chemical industry

Synthetic resin series

  • 0.35 million tons of epoxy resin
  • 0.30 million tons of alkyd resin
  • 0.10 million tons of amino resin
  • 0.10 million tons of acrylic resin
  • 0.06 million tons of light-curing monomer
  • 0.05 million tons of polyurethane curing agent
  • 0.05 million tons of epoxy acrylate
  • 0.02 million tons of light-cured resin
  • 0.01 million tons of organic silicon resin

Chemical raw materials

  • 0.30 million tons of formaldehyde
  • 0.16 million tons of epoxypropane
  • 0.16 million tons of crylic acid
  • 0.12 million tons of acrylic esters
  • 0.10 million tons of phthalic anhydride
  • 0.05 million tons of melamine
  • 0.05 million tons of plasticizer
  • 0.02 million tons of paraformaldehyde
  • 0.02 million tons of special acrylic ester
  • 0.02 million tons of chlorcosane

Solvent series

  • 0.10 million tons of PM and PMA
  • 0.10 million tons of No. 3 solvent
  • 0.05 million tons of methylal
  • 0.05 million tons of n-butyl acetate (ethyl acetate)   

Metal and cable industry

Metal material

Jiangsu Haodi Metal Material Co., Ltd. covers an area of 300mu. The company now has 2 continuous casting and rolling production lines, 6 production lines of upwards casting process, and 2 production lines of shaft furnace with annual copper fabrication capacity of over 0.26 millions of tons. The company mainly produces soft bare copper wire for matching power cable and communication cable.

Cable industry

Jiangsu Sanmu Cable Co., Ltd. covers an area of 500mu with annual production capacity of more than 0.8 million kilometers. It products include more than 10 series and thousands of kinds of cables, such as middle and low voltage crosslinked cable of 35KV or below, PVC power cable, flame retardant and fire resisting cable, aerial insulated cable, control cable, rubber cable, civil cable, copper core, aluminum core, aluminum twisted wire, copper-clad aluminum.

Equipment and packaging materials industry

Chemical equipment

Yixing Sanmu Chemical Equipment Company consists of equipment factory, installation company, design institute, infrastructure division, polarization instrument division and other departments. It has class A qualification for chemical design, manufacturing qualification of class A2 (category III) pressure vessel and installation qualification of GC2 and GB2 pressure pipeline


Yixing Sanmu Packaging Co., Ltd. mainly deals with the following series of plastic packaging products: plastic color printing packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, vacuum compound bag, aluminum foil ton bag, boiling compound bag, paper plastic compound bag, woven bag, woven ton bag, high-low pressure polyethylene inner bag, etc.

Industry Architecture

Transportation industry

Yixing Sanmu Transportation Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, mainly engaged in ordinary freight, special transportation of cargo and transportation of (container and tank type) dangerous cargo; the company currently has more than 50 transport vehicles for various dangerous chemicals. Shandong Wudi Sanyue Express Logistics Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, mainly deals with ordinary freight and the transportation of dangerous cargo (category II, III and VI).

Logistics industry

Jiangsu Sanmu Logistics Co., Ltd. has built two 50,000dwt wharves opening to the outside world and rear storage tank yard with total capacity of roughly 0.58 million cubic meters matching with wharves in the fine chemical industrial park in Taixing City.