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Enterprise platform construction

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Enterprise platform construction

I. Jiangsu Synthetic Resin Engineering and Technology Research Center
In 2006, “Jiangsu Synthetic Resin Engineering and Technology Research Center” was established by Jiangsu Sanmu Group Corporation. The “Center” takes Sanmu Group as the main body, setting up technical committee with Nanjing University, Wuxi Jiangnan University and National Paint Information Center, Director of the “Center” is in charge of shareholders, technical committee discusses the planning of “Center”, for research and development of work plan, project, industrialization, application research and market promotion plan, and helps to provide technical and economic consulting and market information, while the Deputy Director is responsible for the Director and deputy directors of subordinate departments. The “Center” implements the open and flowing enterprise research and development institution with the integration of research and development, popularization and application, to provide a platform for co-construction units and personnel from related scientific research colleges and universities with technology to realize achievement transformation and related research institutions, engineering research and development, and test.

II. Post-Doctoral Research Center In June, 2008, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China gave issuance formally and approved of our Company establishing Post-Doctoral Research Center. More than a dozen doctors have worked in the station of the Company, using our Company’s existing basic resin, to take multi-functional research and development and enhance the functions and cost performance of products. They have published more than a dozen invention patents, and the Company is at the leading level in the industry at product technology aspect.

In July, 2009, “Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Workstation for Academicians” was established by Jiangsu Sanmu Group Corporation. Academician Huang Zhitang is the polymer synthesis expert, Academician Hou Baorong is the marine corrosion expert, Academician Dai Lixin is the organic synthesis expert, and there are 2 professors, 10 doctors, 2 masters and 2 senior engineers among three academicians and their cooperation team. There are 431 engineering and technical personnel existing in the enterprise, accounting for 10.78% of the number of enterprise employees, including 252 full-time research staff, and about 70 developers directly participating in the academician workstation.